SegenSolar offer carefully selected solar products from major world brands ideally matched to the requirements of the Southern African markets. All products are imported in volume and held in stock in our main Johannesburg warehouse for immediate dispatch. Please browse the products shown below to learn more about our portfolio.

Product codeCategoryName
H3.0Hybrid Inverter, KODAK, Storage SystemsKODAK 3.0kW Solar Hybrid Inverter
H4.6Hybrid Inverter, KODAK, Storage SystemsKODAK 4.6kW Solar Hybrid Inverter
H3.6Hybrid Inverter, KODAK, Storage SystemsKODAK 3.6kW Solar Hybrid Inverter

Product codeCategoryName

Product codeCategoryName
i3.0KODAK, Main Unit, PV InverterKODAK 3.0kW Solar Inverter
i3.6KODAK, Main Unit, PV InverterKODAK 3.6kW Solar Inverter
i4.6KODAK, Main Unit, PV InverterKODAK 4.6kW Solar Inverter

Product codeCategoryName
P72S09-335-SCPolycrystalline, KODAK, PV PanelKODAK 335W Poly Large Wafer
M60S03-320-PRKODAK, Monocrystalline, PV PanelKODAK 320W Mono Percium Silver Frame

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