Download PDFPremium Solar Modules

Download PDFPremium Solar Modules

Mechanical Characteristics

Solar Cells Monocrystalline 156mm x 156mm square, 6 × 12 pieces in series
Dimension Length: 1956mm (77.0 inch)
Width: 992mm (39.1 inch)
Height: 45mm (1.8 inch)
Weight 24kg (52.9 lbs)
Front Glass 3.2mm toughened glass
Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
Cable 4mm2 (IEC) / 12AWG (UL), 900mm
Junction Box IP 68 rated

Absolute Maximum Rating

Parameters Values
Operating Temperature From -40 to +85°C
Hail Diameter @ 80km/h Up to 25mm
Surface Maximum Load Capacity Up to 5400Pa
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
IEC Application Class (IEC61730) A
Fire Rating (IEC61730) C
Module Fire Performance (UL1703) Type 1
Maximum System Voltage DC 1000V (IEC)
DC 600V (UL) / 1000V (ETL)

Electrical Typical Values[1]

Model Rated Power (Pmpp) Tolerance Rated Current (Impp) Rated Voltage (Vmpp) Short Circuit Current (Isc) Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) Module Efficiency (%)
PS310M-24/T 310W ±3% 8.36A 37.1V 8.75A 46.3A 15.98
PS315M-24/T 315W ±3% 8.46A 37.2V 8.82A 46.5A 16.23
PS320M-24/T 320W ±3% 8.55A 37.4V 8.90A 46.7A 16.49
PS325M-24/T 325W ±3% 8.62A 37.7V 8.95A 46.9A 16.75
PS330M-24/T 330W ±3% 8.68A 38.0V 8.99A 47.1A 17.00
PS335M-24/T 335W ±3% 8.72A 38.4V 9.04A 47.2A 17.26


Weak Light Performance

Intensity [W/m2] Impp Vmpp
1000 1 1
800 0.8 0.996
600 0.6 0.990
400 0.4 0.983
200 0.2 0.952
100 0.1 0.921


Temperature Characteristics

NOCT (Nominal Operation Cell Temperature) 45°C ± 2°C
Voltage Temperature Coefficient -0.35%/k
Current Temperature Coefficient +0.07%/k
Power Temperature Coefficient -0.45%/k

Packing Configuration

Container 40' HQ 20' GP
Pieces per Container 576 200