Solar Panel Mounting Solutions

We have systems for a myriad of needs

Everything you need to know

A leading supplier of innovative Solar relate products, Blue Mountain develops and produces Solar PV solutions including solar mounting systems and grid tied, and off-grid solutions, with standardised and customised solutions.


We have the scope to provide solutions to the most ambitious of your customers.


We develop and produce solar mounting systems and grid tied, and off-grid solutions.


Our expertise is displayed in our extensive production capability of Solar PV solutions.

Customised mounting solutions

Our comprehensive range of mounting structures are tailored to meet individual project requirements and suit a varying range of conditions.

Solar CarportSolar Off Grid KitHow A Solar Greenhouse Works


We offer flexible,
solar kits solutions

Our solar kits for grid tied and off grid solutions are purpose built solutions for emerging markets, helping those who have the basic needs for electricity.

We have 10kW and 20kW kits for remote use

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